Revealing New Career Paths for Students

Hart House Music Committee


The music committee at Hart House provides excellent learning opportunities for students from across all three campuses. Committee members organize musical series, promote and book artists, and produce the committee’s music magazine, Demo .

elena“I have Hart House to thank for starting me down a path that I am incredibly passionate about and thoroughly enjoy.“

Elena is a fourth year student taking a double major in Chemistry and Psychology.


Elena Gritzan is a member of the Music Committee and co-editor of Demo magazine. During her Frosh week, Elena signed up to become a member of the committee. Since she’d always loved music and writing, she quickly started helping with the magazine. She had no idea at that time how much of an impact this decision would have on her life.


In her 3rd year, she became an editor of Demo which taught her a great deal about writing, editing and leadership, but the real lesson she gained from the experience was finding out what she actually wanted to do with the rest of her life. Elena started University thinking that she wanted to be a scientist, but she is now graduating with a goal to become a journalist. Thanks to Demo, she was able to investigate a path that she was incredibly passionate about and is now very excited to see what life beyond U of T will bring.


“Hart House has provided me with transformational life opportunities.  U of T is great, but Hart House has made my university experience astounding.“

Emily is a third year student taking a double major in English and Women and Gender Studies.


Emily Scherzinger is also a co-editor of the Hart House music magazine, Demo.  She is very grateful for her involvement with the Music Committee as it has helped her make great new friends, learn exciting new skills and has opened her up to new music that she would never have known otherwise.


“It wasn’t until Demo meetings began that I discovered how much I loved discussing music, as well as being around people who appreciated music as much as I did.  My involvement at Hart House changed the view I held about myself.”   


When Emily talks about Hart House, she describes it is as a creative hub where you have access to learning about anything that you are interested in – a place that invites students to find their passion and then go for it in a welcoming environment for creative self-expression.


“Hart House helped me feel connected to a community of like-minded people – something that I wasn’t able to find elsewhere on campus.”


Both Elena and Emily felt that one of the most valuable things about being involved with the music committee was discovering a community on such a large campus.


Through the many opportunities provided at Hart House, students learn more about their personal interests and how they relate to their classroom learning.  They also connect with other students as they discuss the great questions of our time and challenge themselves in new and creative ways to be better students, leaders and friends – the essence of what the founders of Hart House envisioned almost 100 years ago.


If you would like to support Hart House and the opportunities it provides for students, please consider making a donation.  Your gift can ensure that these transformative experiences continue for future generations.

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