Poet in Community

Poet in Community

Poet in Community Workshops Fall 2018

October 24: Be Good to Yourself, Whoever You Are

A reflective writing workshop offered by the Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre in collaboration with U of T Poet in Community Ronna Bloom

Often in school and in life, energy moves quickly towards projects and people but there’s little left for your own restoration, especially for those already experiencing pain, illness or the effects of trauma. In this workshop, through the use of poems and prompts, you will be nudged into writing and reflecting about what sustains you, what you love and what you need. Take this hour for yourself as a flicker of possibility of how you might take time for yourself in general.

Note: this workshop does not focus on assault in particular and you don’t have to identify as a survivor of trauma to attend. Rather the session uses writing as a way to express and support the experiences you have when in pain and in daily life. No writing experience necessary.

Time: 3–4:30 pm
Location: University of Toronto at Mississauga, Davis Building, 3094G
Contact paula.lam(@)utoronto.ca

December 4: Writers’ Coop Social at Hart House

(A workshop for end of term most likely with cupcakes.)

What if you didn’t? And Other Questions to Ask When You’re Exhausted
“In this writing session, investigate the dizzying, addictive speed at which you sometimes operate and begin to ask –– what if you didn’t? Leaning heavily on the guidance of poems and quotes, write into the possibility of interrupting that pattern and its paths, and going a different way.”

Time: 4 pm
Location: Hart House

December 7: Reconnecting to A Passion for Writing

Sometimes the relationship with what we are studying, or how we’ve been doing it, goes stale. The head hurts. We lose heart. This workshop aims to coax you into different kinds of conversations between your academic readings and your creative self, between heart and page, between who you are and what you are learning. Using poems and prompts, bring yourself back into the room with what you know in a new way.

For graduate students (and others if space permits)

Time: 2 pm–3:30 pm
Location: SGS 63 St. George Street
To register: http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/gradlife/Pages/Grad-Connections.aspx

For more info contact ronna.bloom(@)utoronto.ca

Ronna Bloom

Ronna Bloom Biography:
Ronna Bloom is the author of six books of poetry. Her most recent book, The More (Pedlar Press, 2017) was longlisted for the 2018 City of Toronto Book Award. Ronna’s poems have been recorded by the CNIB, translated into Spanish and Bengali, and used in the work of filmmakers, doctors, academics, spiritual leaders, and architects. Ronna is Poet in Community at the University of Toronto and Poet in Residence at Sinai Health.