Photography Instructors

Shiomi Amiga

Shlomi  is a Toronto-based editorial photojournalist, an award-winning photographer, and a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Driven by personal experiences and inspired by his photography studies at OCAD University, his main interests lie in photojournalism and portraiture. Shlomi’s work has been exhibited in different galleries around Toronto and published in the Toronto Star, The Grid TO, Photo Life Magazine, Popular Photography and more. Visit

Shlomi teaches Concept and Process in Photography

Molly Crealock

A professional photographer for the past nine years, Molly’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and published in magazines and newspapers including The Toronto Star, This Magazine and Adbusters. She has been Chief Photographer at Dandyhorse Magazine since its inception in 2008. Crealock has a background in the environmental field and considers environmental sustainability in all aspects of her work.

Molly teaches Portraiture and DIY Matting and Framing

Micah Donovan

A multi-media artist and television host, Micah’s work has appeared in major publications as well on Discovery Science, Food Network Canada, and Cooking Channel. He is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and the Kansas City Art Institute, where he studied printmaking, sculpture, and photography.

Micah teaches 35mm Black and White Photography: An Introduction, Composing and Creating Dynamic Images, Black and White Darkroom Techniques 101, Black and White Darkroom Techniques 201

Aubie Golombek

Aubie is a Toronto photographer who employs a sophisticated use of long exposure times and natural and artificial lighting to create his images, using a variety of printing papers, developers, and toners to realize his vision.

Aubie teaches Zone System of Photography

Tony Gray

Tony picked up photography as a boy, taking apart (and often failing to rebuild) his father’s old cameras. Since then, his principal interests have grown to encompass fine art, colour, travel and night photography. He believes these areas afford a photographer wonderful opportunities to blend the vision, creativity, connection and otherness that give photography such artistic and expressive power.

He holds a BA in philosophy (UofT) and a PhD in philosophy (MIT) and currently works at the University of Toronto. His photos, along with those of his students, have been exhibited in Boston and Toronto. Tony has taught photography classes at a variety of levels for 15 years.

Tony teaches DSLR Photography: An Introduction, DSLR Photography: Intermediate, Fine Art Photography and Colour Night Photography


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