Music Committee


Hart House Music Committee

The Hart House Music Committee creates partnerships and presents professional and aspiring musicians, students and community members in an inclusive environment. The Committee supports a wide array of cultural and musical styles in the spirit of using music as a universal language that draws a diverse audience in a common artistic experience. We are responsible for Jazz at Oscars, Stages, Open Mic, Sunday Concerts, Midday Mosaics and other special events held at Hart House.

We are committed to:

  • Contributing to the enhancement of student life
  • Offering amateur musicians and student musicians an opportunity to showcase their work and to attend FREE quality shows in their own environment
  • Providing a forum for musical/artistic expression through the outlets of DEMO magazine and CIUT
  • Providing an opportunity for students on the committee to gain valuable skills and learn outside the classroom
  • Creating entry points for students to liaise and work with a large musical community on and off campus

How to get Involved:

The Music Committee takes on students primarily at the beginning of the year but there are opportunities to contribute to our existing series or propose new special events during the school year. The DEMO music magazine’s sub-committee also accepts students interested in writing, editing or designing for the magazine during the year. DEMO is published in the second term. Students interested can subscribe to our listserve to get notification about upcoming shows and can log onto

All concerts are Free and open to the student community and the general public.

For More Information: Contact the staff or visit our website

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