Martial Arts

“Be water, my friend.” —Bruce Lee

If you know anything about martial artsor martial arts moviesyou’ll understand what it means to “be water.” Studying the martial arts is a lifelong journey away from the ego. It may take some kicking and punching to get there, but whether you choose judo, tai chi or capoeira, learning technique is just the first step. Our instructors can help lead you in your training from beginner to ranking contender.

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Our Instructors

Hart House Martial Arts instructors are highly ranked competitors who have devoted years of dedicated practice to their art. With understanding and compassion, they lead students through drills and exercises to develop technique and build strength. Classes are taught so students may progress at their own pace.

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The Martial Arts classes listed below are offered this term. If you can’t find the class you want, check back again next term. Select a class for more information and to register: