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Hart House Literary and Library Committee

The Hart House Literary and Library Committee provides opportunities to explore the various facets of the literary arts to students on all three U of T campuses. The Committee houses numerous subcommittees that each covers an area of the literary world: our Writers Co-op, which hosts workshops with Master’s students and U of T’s Poet in Community, Ronna Bloom; the library subcommittee, which oversees the maintenance and acquisitions of the Hart House Library; and events subcommittees that organize engaging, literary-based activities throughout the year.

The Literary and Library Committee also publishes the Hart House Review, an annual literary and art journal which launches every year in April. The Review ensures that at least 70% of its content comes from U of T contributors. The Committee coordinates the poetry and prose contests whose winners are then published in the Review. 

The Committee helps to bring positive attention to Hart House both on campus and throughout the city with the events it hosts and its contributions to the greater Toronto community.