Hart House Farm

Cradled in the Caledon Hills on the ridge of the Niagara Escarpment, the 150 acres of the Hart House Farm is the perfect place for any form of retreat and it’s only one hour from Toronto. Hart House Farm welcomes both day and overnight visitors to Ignatieff House, a rustic house fully equipped with kitchen, central heating, washrooms, a piano and a cozy fireplace. The property also features an outdoor sauna and two swimming ponds.

Early spring weather conditions each March permit the Farm’s maple bush to produce a rich supply of sap. Watch the process of “boiling down” the sap in the evaporator at the sugar shack. The Farm’s famous maple syrup can be purchased at the Information Hub at Hart House all year round and is also used at the Gallery Grill.

Hart House Farm Committee members are responsible for organizing social activities at the Farm and on campus for students, farm workdays to maintain the property and agricultural projects. We work together with various other student groups such as the Hot Yam and the Bike Chain to enhance co-curricular education and promote sustainability. We also hold seminars and workshops to teach students skills and highlight issues surrounding food and agriculture.

To book the farm or for more information, please contact Meeting & Event Services at 416.971.2343, or email farm.harthouse@utoronto.ca

Join the Hart House Farm Committee

The farm committee is always looking for new members to help plan activities and run our programs. For Farm Committee news and opportunities to get involved, send an email to farm.committee@gmail.com to join our mailing list! Visit our web page to learn more.

Committee meetings are held once a month and subcommittees meet as needed. In addition to ongoing subcommittee projects and collaborative initiatives, we run four annual events, and a number of farm workdays every year. Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged!

Annual Events
  • Midsummer’s Eve (June)
  • Sugaring Off (March/April whenever the sap runs)
  • Winter Escape (February)
  • Cider ‘n Song (October)

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