Jerry Horton

Jerry Horton


Jerry Horton Gallery GrillThe combination of academics and fine dining was a perfect fit for Jerry Horton, who “went to university for an honours degree in English and came out as a waiter.” It was a career choice he has never regretted.

From September to June, you will find him in discussion with a professor, vice-provost or local lunchtime diner over the merits of choosing rabbit meatballs with tomato tartare or calamari schnitzel with shiitake mushroom salad. A former cook and lifelong food enthusiast, Jerry is a passionate advocate of Chef Suzanne Baby’s approach to elegant yet approachable cuisine.

“Suzanne is smart and so good at what she does,” says Jerry. “She approaches food with a loving attitude, if I may be so cliché as to say that. Suzanne puts a lot of thought into what she does. She can create sophisticated comfort food using interesting tastes and textures. After all these years working with her, I’m still a big fan.”

A collector of old trophies, dinnerware and antiques, Jerry started at the Gallery Grill as a casual worker in 1996 and had progressed to Manager by 1999. When he first walked into the Neo-gothic, 100-year old space, he knew that he had found his personal paradise.

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