Hart House Parent / Student Stories

Maureen Coyle and Esmé Coyle-Danylkiw

Maureen Coyle and Esmé Coyle-Danylkiw, Hart House Theatre, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. Maureen Coyle has just begun a PhD in Physical Cultural Studies in the Department of Exercise Sciences. She might have started her degree a lot earlier, but … Continue reading >>

Carlos Rodriguez Larrain Placido and Carlos Rodriguez Larrain Herrera

Carlos Rodriguez Larrain Placido and Carlos Rodriguez Larrain Herrera, Catering Kitchen & Pool. When you meet Carlos Rodriguez, the first thing you notice about him is his mischievous smile. It starts out like a tickle at the edge of … Continue reading >>

Jon Evans and Owen Evans

Jon Evans and Owen Evans, Hart House Fitness Centre. Jon started his family late in life and was 50 by the time he had Owen. Looking at them, people often mistake them for grandfather and grandson, but talk to … Continue reading >>

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