Hart House Hancock Lecture

Hancock LectureThe Hancock Lecture Series

“From its inception, the Hart House Lecture has inspired debate about visions of our place in the world.”
– Margaret Hancock, Hart House Warden 1997–2007

First launched in 2001, the annual Hancock Lecture is one of the biggest events on Hart House’s busy calendar. Organized by students and open to the public, the lecture aspires to ignite public conversation and debate and take issues identified as important by youth to a national audience.

Originally called the Hart House Lecture, it was renamed in 2007 to honour Margaret Hancock’s decade as Warden. For Hart House—a historic gathering place at the University and a home for debate, discussion and critical thought—the Lecture is a fitting medium to nurture civic leadership and participation.

Hancock Student Organizing Committee

Students involved in the Organizing Committee can be leaders in many areas: selecting the speaker, managing logistics, marketing and promoting the event, reaching out to other students and staging the event itself. The Organizing Committee brings tremendous insight and energy, which makes the Hancock Lecture an annual highlight. Our speakers are selected for their ability to galvanize constructive dialogue within the University and the broader community.

Past Hart House Hancock Lectures