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Do you have an idea that could revolutionize the student experience and enhance student life? We’re putting out a call to the leaders and innovators of tomorrow!


Curate an exhibit or host a film screening. Organize a conference or act, sing and dance for an audience. If you’re a University of Toronto student with a transformative idea, we want to collaborate with you to bring it to life and maximize its reach to all three campuses. Tell us about your plan and, if your pitch is successful, you could be awarded up to $1000 in funding for the 2016/2017 academic year.

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Submission Dates

All funding decisions are made by a committee of students who meet six times per year. Applicants must submit their applications a minimum of four weeks before the proposed event/experience.


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Resources and links

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Good Ideas supported in past years

  • Caribbean Studies Conference – Diaspora Voices
  • Sustainable Engineer’s Association – Annual Conference
  • Sustainable Energy Fair 2011
  • UTM Music Club – Charity Dinner for the United Way
  • Urban Studies Students Union – Let’s Talk Toronto: Introducing Toronto municipal affairs; to U of T Students, encouraging civic engagement
  • University of Toronto Entrepreneurial Society – ‘Discover’ Lecture and Discussion night
  • Chinese Magazine at U of T – 2011 Life Sciences Conference
  • Intersections (Mobilities) Speaker Series
  • Students Against Climate Change—Green Jobs Fair
  • David Suzuki at Convocation Hall
  • Equity Studies Student Union Conference – Decolonize our Minds
  • G-8 Research Group
  • Mindwaves Literary Journal
  • Juxtaposition Launch
  • Amnesty International Conference – Water: A Human Right?
  • University of Toronto Health and Human Rights Conference
  • U of T China Conference 2009
  • Sustainable Energy Fair 2009
  • Writer’s Co-op Spoken Word Event – Exchanging Notes
  • Immunology Students Association Annual Conference
  • Bhakti Yoga Club – Sacred World: A Vedic Perspective on Ecology
  • Engineers without Borders – Scavenger Hunt
  • U of T International Students Union – Cultural Talent Show

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