2014 Hart House Hancock Lecture

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Game On, Or Game Over?
How to be a Policy Player, with Vass Bednar


Animated video game gifVass Bednar delivered the 2014 Hancock Lecture on February 11, 2014, and focused on the topic of how games are energizing and engaging the newest generation of politically charged citizens. From transit and health care to poverty and equality, Vass explored how we can jump into these necessary, and often complex, conversations and effect change. The talk touched on the idea that policy, politics and political engagement don’t just exist in the classroom or Queen’s Park, they shape the world we live in and are part of every moment of our lives.

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Other Events Presented in Conjunction

with the 2014 Hancock Lecture


Talking Walls: Women in Canadian Politics

Details: Ottawa-based artist Gabe Thirlwall’s politically-inspired work filled the halls of Hart House for the first month of the semester.
When: January 2014
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Community Kitchens Presents Occupy Gardens:
It’s Okay to Play With Your Food Policy

Details: Occupy Gardens hosted a talk about their work surrounding sustainability and food policy which included attendees cooking a healthy, waste-free meal.
When: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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Campus Democracy Unconference

Details: Voting reform activist Dave Meslin discussed the purpose and place of student government in building a greater culture of democracy in Canada.
When: Fri., Jan. 24, 2014
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Getting to the Next Level:
A Game Night for Good

Details: This informal game night gave students a chance to try out a policy-focused or socially conscious board or card game.
When: Tues. Jan. 28, 2014
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Dames Making Games:
Public Policy Edition

Details: Toronto educational video game design organization DMG helped us explore the power of crafting, playing, and discussing games as a means of building inclusive community and shaping informed policy.
When: Thurs., Feb. 6, 2014
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About the Hart House Hancock Lecture

First launched in 2001, the annual Hancock Lecture is one of the biggest events on Hart House’s busy calendar. Organized by students and open to the public, the lecture aspires to ignite public conversation and debate and take issues identified as important by youth to a national audience.

Originally called the Hart House Lecture, it was renamed in 2007 to honour Margaret Hancock’s decade as Warden. For Hart House—a historic gathering place at the University and a home for debate, discussion and critical thought—the Lecture is a fitting medium to nurture civic leadership and participation.

“From its inception, the Hart House Lecture has inspired debate about visions
of our place in the world.”
– Margaret Hancock, Hart House Warden 1997–2007