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2017/18 Series Theme: Achieving Peaceful Pluralism in a Globalized World

Achieving peaceful pluralism, centered on equity and inclusion, has always been a challenging aspiration and no less so in an increasingly globalized world, where ideas, people, and information cross borders at unprecedented rates.

The wide spectrum of global conflict and difference ranges from entrenched violent conflict to navigating systemic social and legal challenges and injustices. Cultural differences, miscommunication, and perceived wrongs can further compound the challenges to understand how, as individuals, we can affect positive change, and develop personal strategies to promote peaceful pluralism. What is our role as citizens in developing agency at the institutional, social, and individual levels, and in doing so finding solutions that are inclusive, diverse, and supportive for all citizens?

The 2017-18 Hart House Global Commons is an international dialogue exploring ways we can engage in our communities and work towards peaceful pluralism. Join students and guests from Canada, Colombia, South Africa, and the U.S.A., to share lived experiences, stories, and lessons learned on this path towards working together, through difference, to build better societies.

Resource Guide for Global Commons Student Participants

Within this guide, you will find organizations, policies, and relevant information that will help support the transition of your ideas in their becoming reality, as based upon topics you have divulged throughout the Global Commons

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U of T students who participate in 2 of 3 of the 2017/18 sessions will receive CCR Credit.


Session 1: Engaging Institutions through Active Citizenship
Thursday, November 23, 2017, 10 am-12 pm (EST)
Scene Setter: Rene Urueña, Faculty of Law, Universidad de los Andes
Moderator: Azeezah Kanji
Hart House Location: East Common Room, 1st Floor
UTSC Location: MW229
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Session 2: The Opportunities and Challenges of Diverse Communities
February 1, 2018, 10 am-12 pm (EST)
Scene Setter: Janice Mcmillan, Global Citizenship Programme, University of Cape Town
Moderator: Azeezah Kanji
Hart House Location: Debates Room, 2nd Floor
UTSC Location: MW229
Session 3: Personal Strategies for Promoting Peaceful Pluralism
March 1, 2018, 10 am-1 pm (EST)
Scene Setter: Rima Berns-McGown, Max FineDay
Moderator: Azeezah Kanji
Hart House Location: Debates Room, 2nd Floor
UTSC Location: MW229

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What is the Hart House Global Commons?

The Hart House Global Commons is your chance to connect and explore issues that affect us all. Students from different backgrounds, disciplines and perspectives will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue that will enable them to learn from each other, expand their understanding of the world, and identify opportunities to effect meaningful change.

Why it Matters

The University of Toronto is located in what is arguably the world’s most multicultural city. It attracts students from more than 160 countries around the world to study a host of programs and disciplines. However, many international students and non-international students report that they rarely interact in such a way as to learn from each other’s differences or to intentionally exchange perspectives on a host of global issues in order to expand their understanding of the world. This represents a lost opportunity, but it is one that could be addressed, in part, by the Hart House Global Commons, developed and delivered by Hart House in collaboration with the Centre for International Experience, and the Munk School for Global Affairs.

The Gaza Doctor: An Openspace Discussion on Pluralism

Continue exploring the themes from this year’s Hart House Global Commons as we engage in conversation about Izzeldin Abuelaish, known to many as the Gaza Doctor. Following a 15-minute contextual screening, we will be engaging in an Openspace discussion.
When: Thurs., Feb. 15, 2018, 6-8 pm
Where: Board Room, Hart House
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