HH Clubs & Committees Toolkit

Discover What You Can Do

If you miss out on Hart House, you’ve missed out on half your education.

Students initiate a large portion of what goes on at Hart House. From presenting events and activities to serving on the Board of Stewards, there are many ways to become involved, build partnerships and develop leadership and professional skills.

The Student Toolkit will give you the guidance you need to run events, handle a budget, create posters and promote your activities. Find the role that suits you best. Learn about the Board of Stewards and how you can become a part of the decision-making process at Hart House. If you’re a U of T student, you’re already a member of Hart House. It’s up to you to decide how to get involved.



Hart House’s unique student-centred system of governance is based upon an unwavering commitment to student collaboration, consensus and democratic decision making at all levels. Student input and action is the cornerstone of Hart House governance.

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Event Planning

Room Booking & Catering

From booking a room to catering, our staff is always there to help you plan, organize and stage your events. To book a room, download pdf guide or use our online forms.

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Promoting Your Event

There are dozens of events and activities happening on campus every day. How can you advertise your event so it stands out and attracts a wide audience? Be creative. Start early.

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Hart House’s C&Cs are entrusted with operating budgets with which to create meaningful activities and events for members of the university community. That funding comes from student fees paid by every U of T student.

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