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No exams, only exploration.

No essays, only experiences.

You may have graduated from U of T, but you never have to graduate from Hart House. Our doors are open 365 days of the year, and we welcome you to join our learning community.

Hart House Clubs & Committees

28 clubs and committees are open for membership at Hart House. Work with students to arrange lectures, events and activities. Interest areas include art, music, finance, theatre, athletics, chess, debates, social justice and 20 more!

  • Hart House Classes offer hands-on learning in communication skills, film, photography and theatre.
  • Fitness Classes include ballet, martial arts, pilates, yoga, archery, squash, aquatics and other popular recreational activities.
Lectures and Events

“From its inception, the Hart House Lecture has inspired debate about visions
of our place in the world.” – Margaret Hancock, Hart House Warden, 1997–2007

The Hancock Lecture was inspired by our first female warden and is organized by students who choose up-and-coming thinkers to discuss topical issues.

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