HH Student Leaders Toolkit: Hosting Events

Hosting an Event or Meeting

How you organize and, most importantly, book your resources will be key to whether your meeting or event is a success or a struggle. Follow the guidelines listed to ensure you stay on the right track.

Before Booking Your Meeting or Event
Book a Space
Book Food

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Before Booking Your Meeting or Event

Have a solid understanding of these key features prior to booking the details of your meeting or event:

  • Who is going to attend this event?

    Think about your estimated attendance numbers, accessibility needs, inclusivity, as well as religious or civic holidays. If there will be alcohol, how will you manage access or ensure alternate transportation?

  • What kind of meeting or event is it?

    Do you need food, drink, audio/visual equipment and set-up? These services are booked individually and need to be coordinated

  • Where would you like to host the event?

    Make sure your space is realistic and appropriate to your meeting or event

  • When would you like to host your meeting or event?

    Have alternate dates available that have already been pre-approved by your club or committee

  • Why is this meeting or event being organized?

    Are there other events like it? Would it speak to, or interest another community? on campus?

  • How are you financing your meeting or event?

    Make sure to have your budgeting forms in order and submitted to ensure funding. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.


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Book a Space

Booking a space at Hart House can be done in person at the Meeting & Event Services Office or using the forms below. If you would like to book space* you need:

  • Your event name
  • Club or Committee name
  • contact information (name, phone number, email)
  • Description of your booking (is it a meeting? Is it an event? Give us the details you have planned in advance)
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Set-up and equipment requirements (you will still need to consult and book through the A/V department separately)
  • Catering needs, if any (for more information about booking food, see below)


Student Meeting Room Request Form >>
(PDF download)

Major Student Event Request Form >>
(PDF download)

*The bigger the event, the more time you will need to organize, plan and map out the details. If you are unsure of how far in advance you should book, talk to your Staff Advisor.

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Book Food

There are 3 options for arranging food for your meeting or event depending on the number of attendees and the estimated food costs. Please be sure to speak to a Meetings and Events Service rep if your event plans include alcohol.

Option 1:

Ordering-in Food – For a small meeting or event with less than 50 people. Small group meetings may order in from fast food delivery restaurants (e.g., pizza parlours, Swiss Chalet). A representative from the group must make the order from the courtesy phone at the HUB. While placing the order from the HUB phone, the caller should provide his or her cell phone number to the fast food company. The delivery person should call that cell number when they reach Hart House in order to notify the caller that their delivery has arrived and to procure payment. The student group must ensure that all food and beverage containers are properly disposed of at the end of their meeting (failure to properly dispose of waste and recyclables may result in clean up fees). Delivery is limited to local restaurants – specialty catering companies are not permitted.

Option 2:

Hart House Catering – Any event that has a food budget of more than $400.00 must use Hart House Catering. The catering team can provide you with a variety of options and menus. Students receive 25% discount. Catering must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance. More Hart House catering info available here (PDF) >>

Some of the larger rooms, such as the Music Room, the Debates Room, the East Common Room, and the Great Hall, may have further catering restrictions.

Need more information? Contact Meeting & Event Services.

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