Finance Committee


Hart House Finance Committee

The Hart House Finance Committee  provides opportunities to learn valuable skills in financial management by participating in conversations and decisions about budgetary and financial policies and issues. We welcome students from all disciplines. It’s an opportunity for students enrolled in finance-related degree programs to bring theory to practice and for all students to gain financial literacy. The Finance Committee’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Review and provide input to the preparation of the draft operating budget
  • Review and recommend for approval the annual operating budget to the Board of Stewards (B of S)
  • Review performance of operating budget on a quarterly basis
  • Approve capital budget expenditures
  • Review performance of capital expenditures to capital budget
  • Receive and review the annual recommendations from the Committee on Budgets for allocations to the Clubs and Committees
  • Approve financial policy changes
  • Additional projects as required


Finance Committee Meetings

The Finance Committee meets in open session once per month on a Tuesday:

2018 Meeting time:

  • September 18th, 8:00 – 9:00 am, South Dining Room, 2nd floor 
  • October 16th, 8:00 – 9:00 am, Bickersteth Room, 3rd floor
  • November 13th, 8:00 – 9:00 am, Bickersteth Room, 3rd floor
  • December 4th, 8:00 – 9:00 am, Bickersteth Room, 3rd floor


Financial Literacy Workshop (Fall & Winter):
  • Finance Committee is collaborating with Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to deliver 2 series of workshops (Register Here):
    • Own Your Financial Future: Managing Debt and Making Credit Work for You
      • This workshop focuses on teaching post-secondary students about how credit works and what debt can do to future financial plans. Students will learn practical ways to take control of their finances.
        • September 20, 2018 – Thursday – 5-6 pm – South Sitting Room (3017)
        • October 23,2018 – Tuesday – 2-3 pm – Woodsworth College Room 107D
        • November 19, 2018 – Monday – 12-1 pm – South Sitting Room (3017)
        • November 21, 2018 – Wednesday – 2-3 pm – South Sitting Room (3017)
    • Saving Strategies – Easy Concept, Difficult Reality
      • This workshop will help participants develop the right mind-set to gain control over their money and achieve their financial goals.
        • September 21, 2018 – Friday – 2-3 pm – South Sitting Room (3017)
        • November 28, 2018 – Wednesday – 12-1 pm – South Sitting Room (3017)


Effective Tax Strategies Workshop (Winter):
  • This workshop will be delivered by Finance Committee with CPA starting in January.
  • The workshop is beneficial and open to all students who want to have a better understanding of Canada’s tax system and minimize the amount of tax they need to pay. It is a great way:
    • for international students to learn about the new tax system they are now situated in;
    • for domestic students to develop tax related knowledge and mindsets.


Students don’t need to have any financial background, everyone is welcome to join us! This is an excellent opportunity for students from all disciplines to gain financial literacy!

How to get Involved:

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