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Work at Hart House and gain valuable real-world experience and transferable skills that will help build your resume and your community.

Are you great at talking to people? Want to hone your leadership skills? Looking to expand your network? Excited to engage with the community? Positions are available across Hart House, including the Fitness Centre, Hart House Theatre and the Art Museum. Roles include event production, program delivery, customer service, facility support, hospitality and more.

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Current Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a story to tell? We want you on the shelf of the UTSC Human Library Project!

What is the Human Library?

The Hart House Human Library Project is an event designed to create dialogue, promote understanding and reduce prejudice. A collection of “human stories” (widely varied in gender, cultural and religious backgrounds, and age) is offered on “loan” to visitors. Facilitated by Human Library Librarians, visitors “borrow” the human story for up to 25 minutes for an open conversation. The informal “Reader-Book” interaction is a positive and safe way to question and explore pre-conceived notions around race, class, gender, religion, sexuality, and share personal narratives in an open face-to-face dialogue. We hope to promote inclusion, and deepen the understanding of social justice, equity and diversity. This event is presented in collaboration with Hart House, the UTSC Division of Student Life, the Scarborough Campus Student Union, the UTSC Library.

This year’s Human Library theme is Mentorship & Community (Building)

A helpful friend, an auntie who guides, an experienced elder, the unexpected teacher–mentorship comes in many forms.

What does mentorship look like and how does it push us towards a healthier approach to community building? How does the practice of mentorship, formal or informal, impact us as diverse community members? What does the experience of being mentored, or being a mentor bring to our lives? How can mentorship shape our futures? Does mentorship provide an opportunity to resist oppression and promote wellness among people holding marginalized identities?

This Human Library, the second edition offered at the University of Toronto Scarborough, explores how mentorship can serve as a valuable tool and a source of inspiration that can bring hope and change to communit(ies). Stories are powerful. By hearing stories of mentorship that have shaped identities, this Human Library will provide a platform for participants to listen and explore the questions, ‘who is a part of my story’ and ‘how has my path been shaped by those around me’?

We strongly encourage stories from traditionally underrepresented groups and there will be a $100 honorarium available for those selected.

We are looking for folks who are comfortable sharing their stories, being open and honest, and can respond to readers in a way that prompts positive interactions.

Time, Location and Commitment

Tuesday November 27th, 2018
Rex’s Den, Student Centre, basement
University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus
1265 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON

Human Stories are encouraged to stay for the entire Human Library event from 10:45am-3pm on Tuesday November 27th. A full meal and refreshments will be provided. There will be a 1.5 hour training/orientation session at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus that will occur during the evening approximately 1 week prior to the event.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW (Deadline: Monday, November 5th, 2018)
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Hart House Theatre Volunteers

Discover the inner workings of live theatre. Get involved in the season’s programming and join the blend of students and professionals, actors, playwrights, dancers, directors, musicians and technicians in a unique formal and informal educational opportunity. Be a part the University of Toronto’s Performing Arts Leader Since 1919.

Contact Gillian Lewis, Education & Production Coordinator at or call 416.978.6392

For more information visit the theatre’s volunteer information page located here >>

Clubs & Committees

To find a club or committee that speaks to your interests, visit our Clubs and Committees page with a complete list of all the clubs and committees as well as information about each one.

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