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Hart House Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Committee Volunteers

Would you like to get experience working in a small group on a major project that supports and explores ideas and subject matter that you help shape?
The 2018 Hart House Hancock Lecture is recruiting students to join its Student Advisory Committee to help with speaker recommendations, planning and event implementation. You will be working closely with the Warden’s Office and interacting with Hart House staff, special guests and various areas of the campus community.

Students on the committee will:
  • Meet to discuss and recommend speakers to the Warden
  • Plan a number of co programming events that will support the lecture (i.e.: lunch and learn, Talking Walls exhibit, Hart House Conversations on CIUT, tri campus engagement opportunities)
  • Assist with overall event planning- reception, front of house etc
  • Contribute to outreach and communication efforts
  • Perform various duties on night of event

Make friends, have great conversations about things that matter to you and help plan and execute one of Hart House’s signature public lectures. Along the way you will also be responsible for developing, planning and executing a series of smaller events aimed at exploring the topic of the lecture more deeply with the campus community.
Think you have a good idea? Put it to the test with a group of your peers and join the Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Board!

Open Meeting – Thursday August 24, 2017, 4:30 – 5:30 pm
South Sitting Room, Hart House (light refreshments will be served)
About the 2018 Hancock Lecture:

This year’s Hancock Lecture will focus on and provide support to ongoing dialogue and action planning around Anti Black Racism. Examining the effects of privilege, marginalization and deeply ingrained biases, the lecture will draw from the voices of lived black experience through its key note address and supporting programs in an effort to generate greater understanding of issues affecting this community to work towards a more cohesive, inclusive and hopeful future. Hart House seeks to engage and inform students, staff, faculty and the broader community with respect to the historical and present experiences of Blackness in the Canadian context. Our goal is to enhance knowledge of these histories and to consider how to shape systemic change now and for the future.
First launched in 2001, the annual Hancock Lecture is one of Hart House’s signature events. The lecture brings together emerging thought-leaders and memory-keepers, difference-makers, social innovators and civic action pioneers who encourage us to engage closely with new ways of thinking and being, challenge us to look at the problems of society and who demand that we take away lessons of possibility for the future.

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Hart House Human Library and Outreach Assistant

Hart House is seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic student to support, collaborate and deliver the Hart House Human Library Project at St. George and UTSC campus. The role is well suited to a student with a passion for intersections between literature, culture, equity, and storytelling. The Hart House Human Library and Outreach Assistant will work closely with Hart House’s Community Engagement Facilitator to develop two Human Library Project events in the 2017/2018 school term. This will be a rewarding role that allows for growth in event planning and coordination experience.

In addition, this role will support Hart House’s outreach initiatives as it relates to Orientation as well as ongoing program initiatives at UTSC and St. George. They will work closely with the Hart House Outreach Ambassador team.

  • Must be a current UTSC student
  • Knowledge of and/or interest in the Hart House Human Library Project and storytelling activities
  • Desire to learn about and contribute to outreach events at Hart House, UTSC and U of T as a whole
  • Experience in planning events
  • Committed to work that enhances social justice and equity on U of T campus
  • Supporting two Human Library Project events—one during first term at St. George and one during second term at UTSC
  • Contributing to Human Library event from start to finish with guidance of Hart House’s Community Engagement Facilitator
  • Creative outreach using unique strategies, tactics and promo materials to promote both Human Library events
  • Work with different campus groups to recruit Human Books as appropriate to the specific theme
  • Supporting existing Hart House weekly drop-in programming
  • Representing Hart House on all three campuses during Orientation from August 20 to the end of September, including Clubs Days, tabling events, and other opportunities
  • Assisting Program staff with various equity and diversity initiatives and programs on all three campuses

There is one position available. We are seeking a UTSC-based student, but approximately half of their time will be spent at St. George campus.

This is a work study position. Average work week is 7 hours (although much longer, 12-18 hours, in September). Position runs from August 2017 to May 1, 2018, with a mandatory two-day training session August 10 and 11, 2017.

Please apply with a cover letter and resume to Trish Starling, as soon as possible.

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Hart House Global Commons Organizing Committee:
Call for Student Participation 

Interested in creating space for transformative dialogue on global issues that connect us all? Consider joining the Hart House Global Commons Organizing Committee which will meet roughly twice a month, either virtually or in person, from July 2017 to April 2018.
The Hart House Global Commons provides U of T students with a vibrant, creative, and welcoming international gathering place for important dialogue and the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives on global issues. This initiative will host events involving live feeds from across the globe and will engage local and international U of T students in dialogue with fellow students from other universities to search for solutions on key issues.
Hart House is forming the Global Commons Organizing Committee, comprised of students, staff and other interested parties, which will collaborate to develop the 2 main events on October 19, 2017, and March 1, 2018, as well as parallel programming to the signature events. The Global Commons Organizing Committee offers students a significant leadership role in building new authentic space for dialogue at U of T, as well as supporting the enhanced education and expanded awareness of all those who participate.
The theme for the 2017-18 academic year will focus on Reconciliation, and will likely include institutional partners from Africa and Latin America.
The Organizing Committee provides organizational and advisory support to the Hart House Global Commons on many elements of the program including the following roles:

Communications and Outreach
  • Identifying faculty and courses which link to the thematic topic;
  • Engaging campus and community through digital communications;
  • Supporting the promotional elements of the Program;
Community Engagement
  • Researching, identifying, and liaising with local and international community organizations to participate;
Logistical Support and Program Design
  • Advising on program design, delivery, and assessment.

Organizing Committee members will also receive training in anti-oppression and dialogue facilitation, and are expected to be available to facilitate or volunteer for both events.
All students, regardless of discipline and experience, are welcome to join, but should be able to commit 6-8 hours monthly. This opportunity will be recognized by the CCR.
Please apply by sending a letter of interest along with a resume or CV – attached in one document – to
If you have any questions, email
Students will be appointed to the committee based on their availability and interest.

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Hart House Finance Committee Student Membership

Hart House’s Finance Committee provides opportunities to learn valuable skills in financial management by participating in conversations and decisions about budgetary and financial policies and issues. We welcome students from all disciplines (it’s an opportunity for students enrolled in finance-related degree programs to bring theory to practice; and we also provide educational training sessions for students without a financial background). Skills acquired through involvement as a committee member can be applied to both individual and organizational financial management. The Finance Committee mandate applies to all financial aspects of Hart House with particular focus on the following:

      • Participate in advising the Board of Stewards on policies that affect the financial management of the House
      • Analyze the annual budget
      • Make recommendations for the House’s long-range plans
      • Consider capital expense requests
      • Monitor financial operating performance
      • Oversee the annual audit process
      • Participate in the Audit Sub-Committee

To get involved, contact or

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Hart House Theatre Volunteers

Discover the inner workings of live theatre. Get involved in the season’s programming and join the blend of students and professionals, actors, playwrights, dancers, directors, musicians and technicians in a unique formal and informal educational opportunity. Be a part the University of Toronto’s Performing Arts Leader Since 1919.

Contact Gillian Lewis, Education & Production Coordinator at or call 416.978.6392

For more information visit the theatre’s volunteer information page located here >>
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Clubs & Committees

To find a club or committee that speaks to your interests, visit our Clubs and Committees page with a complete list of all the clubs and committees as well as information about each one.

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