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Auditions are open to all non-union performers. You do not need to be a U of T student to audition, but we make an effort to see all students who wish to be seen.

Hart House Theatre is now accepting submissions for


A new play by George F. Walker
Directed by Andrea Wasserman

Friday, June 5, 2015 – early submissions are encouraged.
Non-union, Non-paying
Those contacted for auditions will be seen beginning the week of June 8, 2015. Only those contacted for an audition will be seen. Performance run: September 18-October 3, 2015
Please send headshots and resumes to

NOTE: casting for this show will be culturally appropriate. Please see a full character breakdown below.

Actors are asked to prepare one contemporary, Canadian monologue no longer than two minutes in length. Where possible, please select a piece from a play by George F. Walker. Actors may be asked to do a cold read from the text.

DAVID KAPLAN, Jew’ish’-Canadian business man in his 40s
LIZZIE KAPLAN, his wife of Irish descent. Also in her 40s
MERLE KAPLAN, David’s Austrian mother, in her 60s
SONNY KAPLAN, David’s father, a former street thug also in his 60s
MARNIE KAPLAN, David and Lizzie’s daughter, aged 19
JENNY LEE, A second-wife of Chinese origin, aged 29
LUCY LEE, Jenny’s step-daughter of Chinese descent, aged 19
SONYA, a Russian secretary and mistress to David, aged 27
BIANCA, Lizzie’s therapist of Italian descent, in her 30s
ALI, a Palestinian colleague of Lizzie’s, male, aged 26

Job Postings

Postings include both production positions that are paid with competitive honorariums to part-time Front of House, ushering or work study positions paid by the hour. Production positions are open to the general public (including U of T students) while Front of House, ushering and/or work study positions are only open to current U of T students.

There are no postings at this time.


Join the blend of students and professionals, actors, playwrights, dancers, directors, musicians, and technicians in a unique educational opportunity!


  • Opportunities for personal development and confidence building: learn a skill and meet new people.
  • Rare university opportunity that allows you to work with other students, university staff and theatrical industry professionals.
  • Work as part of a team towards a larger goal of a high quality theatrical production.
  • You will get your name and job title listed in the Hart House Theatre Program.


Leadership Volunteer Positions (Time Commitment: 2 – 3 months)

These positions are reserved for students with experience working on theatrical productions looking to expand their craft by working alongside industry professionals. These positions are typically advertised directly to students from the Drama Centre and members of the U of T Drama Coalition. Interested applicants can forward a resume/CV and statement of interest to the Education and Production Coordinator, Gillian Lewis at The number of hours for each of these positions will be determined by their direct supervisor.

Not all positions are offered for each production. Potential positions available are as follows:

  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Dramaturg
  • Assistant Musical Director
  • Assistant Technical Director – a valid driver’s license is required for interested candidates.
  • Assistant Designers (for either: Costumes, Set/Props, Lighting, Sound, Video)
  • Head of Set/Props – responsible for the maintenance of the theatre’s inventory for the season
  • Head of Wardrobe – responsible for the maintenance of the theatre’s inventory for the season


Junior Leadership Volunteer Positions (Time Commitment: 2 – 3 months)

  • Assistant Stage Manager – no experience required. Work directly with the stage manager and instruct student crews working backstage in various departments.


Senior Volunteer Positions (Time Commitment: 2 weeks up to 1 month)

  • Lighting Board Operator – work directly with Stage Manager and Head Technician. Test equipment before shows and operate lighting cues during the performances.
  • Sound/Video Operator – work directly with Stage Manager and Head Technician. Test equipment before shows and operate sound/video cues during the performances.
  • Head Painter – work directly with Set Designer and Technical Director. Instructs student painters on the techniques and lead the work calls.
  • Backstage Running Crew – work directly with Assistant Stage Managers, Head Technician and Cast. Assist with scene changes, curtain operation and any other effects run from backstage.
  • Wardrobe Running Crew – work directly with Assistant Stage Managers, Head Technician and Cast. Assist with costume changes, wardrobe repairs and laundry.


Entry Level Volunteer Positions (Minimal Time Commitments: any number of hours)

  • Light Walkers – moving mannequin who assists in the lighting level-set process. Generally light walkers act as stand-in’s for performers while the Lighting Designer and Director to set specific lighting levels
  • Painters – help paint the set and props for the production.
  • Production Assistants – general labour who participate in a specific task or many tasks to contribute to the labour requirements for the show. This might include, but is not limited to: light walking, painting, set/prop builds, replacement running crew, dressing room set up/clean up, cleanup of set/prop/costume inventories, postering and audience outreach)



Contact us to discuss other ways to get involved!

For more information on Hart House Theatre, Volunteer Opportunities, Frequently ask Questions and Theatrical Terms, please click here to download a PDF version of the Volunteer Information Package.
If you are interested in volunteering at Hart House Theatre, please contact:

Gillian Lewis
Education and Production Coordinator
Hart House Theatre