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There are no postings at this time. Stay tuned in late July for information on how to submit to audition for our next production, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Job Postings

Postings include both production positions that are paid with competitive honorariums to part-time Front of House, ushering or work study positions paid by the hour. Production positions are open to the general public (including U of T students) while Front of House, ushering and/or work study positions are only open to current U of T students.


There are no postings at this time.


Join the blend of students and professionals, actors, playwrights, dancers, directors, musicians, and technicians in a unique formal and informal educational opportunity.


  • Opportunities for personal development and confidence building: learn a skill and meet new people.
  • Rare university opportunity that allows you to work with other students, university staff and theatrical industry professionals.
  • Work as part of a team towards a larger goal.
  • You will get your name and job title listed in the Hart House Theatre Program.


There are no postings at this time.


Volunteer opportunities include:


Assistant Stage Manager – a part of the management team. They are responsible for the tracking of people, set pieces and props in rehearsals to ensure the smooth running of the show backstage during the performances.

Operator – responsible for attending all technical rehearsals and shows. They run one of the technical elements for the show from the booth (lighting, sound, video).

Running Crew – responsible for attending all technical rehearsals and shows. They are responsible for technical elements during the show from backstage (curtain, fire watch, costume changes, props and set movements).

Design Assistant – provide support to the show designer. These positions tend to be more administrative in nature – research on time periods and sourcing products – allowing the designer to focus on their art (sound, lighting, set, props, costumes).

Marketing and Administration Support – assist the marketing team in finding new ways to promote Hart House Theatre and its productions. They duties may include: studying traffic patterns to find new audience members, creating postering routes for promotion, organizing archives, booking interviews with media and various other office/administrative work.

Audience Development – responsible for connecting with audience members before a performance to have them fill out questionnaires. This can also include calling audience members to follow up on the feedback they provided.

Outreach Development – assist the marketing team with looking for alternate ways to promote productions around campus and in the community as a whole, as well as looking for new and interesting ways to create new ties between the theatre and our various communities.


If you are interested in volunteering at Hart House Theatre, please contact:


Gillian Lewis
Education and Production Coordinator
Hart House Theatre