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Meet Our Trainers

Warren Bathie

Special Power: agility
Abilities: functional movement / racing / outdoor sports / triathlons / optimism
Sports: All of them
Accreditations: canfitpro Personal Training Specialist

Wellness is a Way of Life

Have you met Warren? He’s the guy glowing with energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps you’ve seen him doing handstands in the gym or running up the steps to Casa Loma? He is passionate about fitness; his own, and especially yours. As a trainer, he appreciates all levels of exercise and specializes in full-body, functional movements to help his clients reach their full potential.

“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” –Bruce Lee


Alicia Brown

Special Power: Inspiration
Abilities: running / nutrition / setting and achieving goals
Sport: track and field
Accreditations: Rio 2016 Olympics 400m and relay, 2013 National Champion 400m, CPTN Certified Personal Trainer. BA (Hons) in communication, culture and information technology

Be a Champion

Alicia Brown is an accomplished athlete. She’s run track most of her life and she competed in the Rio Olympics. In addition to all that, Alicia is also an exceptional communicator who has shared some of her wisdom on our blog. Providing guidance and encouragement, Alicia is an inspiration to her clients, leading them to places they never thought they could reach.

“Get up and do something remarkable!”


Martin Phills

Special Power: precision
Abilities: resistance training / group fitness /Pilates / aqua fitness / fitness and wellness program development
Sports: volleyball and tennis
Accreditations: OFC, TT, RHEP-TFL, Certified Instructor Reformer STOTT PILATES®, BSc Molecular Genetics.

Start From a Stable Base

Martin Phills is a man who knows his gluteus from his gastrocnemius and he’ll make sure that you do too. His resistance training programs provide both beginners and athletes with a strong grounding that can set them up for success in any sport or fitness regime. A Certified Instructor Reformer, Martin uses Pilates to round out his clients’ training.

“Helping people exceed their expectations.”


Dustin Pym

Special Power: dynamism
Abilities: dance / group fitness / Mighty Mouse strength / quality over quantity / choreography
Sports: dance and basketball
Accreditations: professional dancer and choreographer, canfitpro Group Fitness and Personal Training Specialist, instructor in kinesiology at U of T, BSc in psychology and biology with theatre minor.

Motion for Life

Dustin Pym is a professional dancer and choreographer, personal trainer and movement specialist who loves to blend the art and the science of movement for fitness and life. From martial arts, to college basketball to professional dancer, Dustin has always been known as a dynamic force. His energy is infectious and he can inspire even the most timid client to dance, jump, lift, and move.

“My passion is to inspire others. To make a difference through movement, fitness and wellness.”


Julie Williams

Special Power: wellness
Abilities: fitness assessment / holistic nutrition / Bonefit™ for osteoporosis / Nordic walking / kinesiology / Pilates / Wellness fitness / Exercise is Medicine™
Sport: basketball
Accreditations: Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer (CPTN and CSEP), Urban Poling certification, BPHE from University of Toronto, Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CNP)

Exercise is Medicine

Julie will prescribe an exercise program designed for you and how you live. Her approach is to start where you’re at and take you on a journey to a stronger, healthier and pain-free place. She has worked with elite athletes and the elderly guiding them past injuries and back to top performance. Complemented by her extensive training in holistic nutrition, Julie’s aim is optimal health for her clients.

“Voted one of Toronto’s top personal trainers—NOW magazine readers”


Amanda Wolfson

Special Power: endurance
Abilities: spinning / strength and conditioning / weight loss / balance / injury prevention / older adults / foam roller / BOSU® / ViPR / Yogafit®
Sports: track and field, field hockey, netball and table tennis
Accreditations: Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Specialist, level 3 strength and conditioning specialist, Yogafit®, Yoga Alliance Certified, STOTT PILATES® Foam Roller™ certified, medical assistant diploma

Keep Going

Amanda Wolfson has played multiple sports and has worked in a variety of fitness domains from weight loss and weight lifting to Yogafit® and balance training. She understands both the demands of an athlete as well as what challenges a beginner. She helps focus her clients and spurs them on to be their best.

“Keep showing up, one day at a time!”



Emma Zilberman

Special Power: power / strength
Abilities: powerlifting / weightlifting / nutrition/ HIIT / goal setting / competition prep
Sports: powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit
Accreditations: BmSc (Western University), MSc (UofT), CPTN-CPT, waterArt Aquafit instructor

Be Healthy and Strong

Emma Zilberman is a nationally ranked powerlifter who aims to teach healthy lifestyles through exercise. Emma is passionate about making all clients feel healthy, strong and comfortable in their own skin. She knows how to set realistic goals and can provide an individualized program based on a clients wants and needs. Emma helps motivate all clients to be the best version of themselves!