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Information for Applicants

Your experience in Finland

Your primary hosts for the two-week orientation tour will be the Finnish students who travelled to Canada in the summer of 2011. The tour will include several cultural and recreational sites in various regions of Finland. After the tour, you will be placed in a job for approximately ten weeks. Please note that the primary purpose of the exchange is cultural, not vocational. Although every attempt will be made to find you a summer job in your academic or career field, this cannot be guaranteed. After the work placement is over (usually in early or mid-August), you are free to travel or to return to Canada. You can read about the experiences of the last group of Canadians here.

Your return to Canada

After your eventual return to Canada, you are required to contribute some time to help to ensure the future success of the exchange. Most importantly, your group will be responsible for organizing the orientation tour of the Finns who will arrive in the summer of 2013. This duty is one of the vital commitments of the exchange, and you will be expected to contribute in every way possible to ensure that the Finns who visit Canada have as memorable a time as the Canadians have in Finland!


The exchange is self-funding. You are responsible for the cost of your flight and living expenses, but you should earn enough money from your job to recover most of these costs. Please note that your first paycheque will likely not arrive until early July, so you should take sufficient funds, up front, for one month’s living expenses. The one exception to this is the initial two-week orientation tour, when all costs (apart from purely personal expenditures) will be covered by your Finnish hosts. Most students in the last group found that their financial circumstances at the beginning and the end of the summer were roughly equal.

Application Process


All full-time students enrolled at the University of Toronto are eligible to apply for the exchange. Knowledge of Finnish is not required – a high standard of English is spoken throughout Finland!  Although the exchange was male-only in its early years – a reflection of the single-sex status of Hart House – it has been co-educational since 1967. The most recent groups of Canadian students have included equal numbers of men and women.


Applications for the 2013 Finnish Exchange are no longer being accepted. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in the program. General questions about the Exchange can be sent to