Filmmaking Instructors

Nicole Bazuin

A Toronto based filmmaker and visual artist, Nicole’s short films have screened across Canada and the United States. A graduate of Ryerson University’s film program and a recipient of the Universal Studios scholarship and HSBC filmmaker’s award, she strives for creativity, technical excellence and innovation in her work.

Nicole teaches 100% Hands-on Filmmaking Exercises for Absolute Beginners

Lynne Fernie

Double Genie award winning documentary filmmaker Lynne Fernie is the Senior Canadian Programmer at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and has taught film production courses at York University’s Film Department for eight years.

Lynne teaches Documentary Filmmaking: An Introduction

Students say,

“Even though I’m shy, my communication techniques seem to work, and I’m not afraid to dive in and not just skim the surface.”

“[This course] definitely taught me, in a nutshell, all the things I will need to know to move forward with my own documentary project.”

Nick Harauz

University of Toronto graduate and winner of the Canadian Film and Television Production Associations’ Global Mentorship Program, Nick has been involved in the film and video production industry for more than 10 years.

Nick teaches Digital Video Editing with Adobe Premiere: An Introduction and Post-Production Planning

Bronwen Keyes-Bevan

With a degree in Filmmaking from the University of Winchester, UK, Bronwen began working in youth engagement though the arts for the not-for-profit industry. With extensive experience working with youth, Bronwen’s passions lie in helping young people from all backgrounds to raise their aspirations and achieve their creative potential. Raised in Ireland but suffering from wanderlust, Bronwen has travelled extensively taking pictures and working on various short films, music videos and documentaries. She is currently studying towards a post-graduate degree in Writing For TV at Humber College.

Bronwen teaches 100% Hands-on Filmmaking Exercises for Absolute Beginners and Film Directing 101

Students say,

“Learning that they offered classes and seminars throughout the semester to assist people in developing hands-on skills was like finding a treasure chest.”

“Hart House promised hands-on and hands-on we got!”

Annette Mangaard

Annette has written and directed fifteen films in more than a decade as an independent filmmaker. She was recently nominated for a Gemini for Best Director of a Documentary for her one hour film, GENERAL IDEA: ART, AIDS, AND THE FIN DE SIECLE (for TVO, Bravo, SCN, Knowledge) about the celebrated Canadian artists collective, which premiered at Hot Docs in Toronto then went on to garner accolades at festivals in Vancouver, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Asolo (among others). Her most recent film, SUZY LAKE: PLAYING WITH TIME premiered in November 2014 at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Annette teaches Video Cameras 101,  Documentary Filmmaking: An Introduction and Documentary Writing

Students say,

“For the nominal enrolment fee, I felt I received exceptional value for my money simply based on the amount of resources I was able to walk away with.”

Frank Merino

Frank has travelled around the world working on award-winning film and television productions. Working in both Canada and the United States, Frank is also well established within the corporate, commercial and educational markets, where he moves seamlessly between film, video and live stage productions.

Frank teaches Film Lighting 101

Kevin Munro

Kevin is a graduate from Sheridan College’s Media Arts program and a Toronto-based freelance sound engineer (Broompole Productions). He has recorded location sound and mixed audio for numerous films, documentaries, and commercials that have been broadcast and screened across North America.

Kevin teaches Film Production Sound 101 and Film Post-Production Sound 101

Rick Palidwor

With numerous short films and videos broadcast in Canada and abroad, Rick is the producer and co-director of the award-winning feature Sleep Always. Rick has taught filmmaking at Hart House, York University, George Brown College and Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) for many years. Rick is currently Manager of the Creative Classes at Hart House.

Rick teaches Movie-Making 101 and Practical Movie-Making for Educators and Documenting Fieldwork

Students say,

“I have learned how to find the balance between simplicity and creativity, and that risking to make mistakes only teaches you something new.”

“This class has given me a new appreciation for team-work, paying attention to the important details, and trusting my own voice.”

Shawn Postoff

Shawn is a professional writer, independent filmmaker, novelist, playwright and artist.

Shawn teaches Writing a Short Screenplay

Students say,

“I hope that Hart House continues to offer these workshops. They have been invaluable to me.”

Alex Shuper

Alex works predominantly as an editor and his documentary credits include The Five Cent War, The Last Mogul, Comedy Gold, and most recently T.C. McLuhan’s The Frontier Gandhi. His narrative film editing credits include the critically acclaimed and The Mad. Alex also directed the feature Edge Codes, a documentary about film editing.

Alex teaches Film Editing Concepts and Theories

Students say,

“Everything I wanted to know about film!”

Dagny Thompson

With a BA in English and a diploma-in-progress in accounting Dagny wants to bridge the world of arts and numbers by helping amazing low-budget films achieve life. Born in Ottawa and now living in Toronto, Dagny has been involved in the independent and mainstream film and television industry for more than a decade working with shorts, documentaries, features and educational projects. She facilitates workshops with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Charles Street Video, Hart House, and SkyWorks.

Dagny teaches 100% Hands-on Filmmaking Exercises for Absolute Beginners

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