Media Inquiries / Film & Photo Policy

Media Inquiries

For general media inquiries, contact:

Stephanie Eldred
Senior Communications Officer

Film & Photography Policy

Commercial photography, videos and movies are not permitted anywhere in or near Hart House without advance written permission from the Events Department. Rooms used as a backdrop for a commercial photo shoot or for television will be subject to a room rental rate as well as staffing charges to cover a Hart House attendant. Rooms used for movie shoots are subject to the fee schedule established by the Film Liaison Office through the Office of Space Management ( Filming for video or movies must be scheduled in advance with the Events Department. Invasive or dangerous set-ups will not be permitted. Special insurance may be required.

Secure Areas

No photography is permitted in areas that have security technology, including the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery and the Range, however artists may take pictures of their installed work in the Gallery with the permission of the exhibit curator. No photography is permitted in staff areas.

Fitness Centre

No photography is permitted in the Fitness Centre without the written permission of the Manager, Wellness and Recreation. Cameras in cell phones must not be used in Athletics areas.


No photography is permitted in the Theatre, except with the written permission of the Manager, Theatre. Permission will only normally be granted to persons involved in the mounting of shows, before the show opens or to members of the media.


If you are hosting your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception at Hart House, you are permitted to take wedding photos within the building. If you would like to take wedding photos within Hart House but are not hosting your ceremony or reception on site, please review our wedding photo request document and contact Meeting & Event Services at to discuss booking.


Any person from the media, including University media, who wants to use Hart House as a location for a photograph for a story should contact the Events Department at