Writing a Short Screenplay - 5223

Description: This course will introduce you to fundamental concepts of storytelling for the 21st century screen. Through formal lectures and fun, innovative exercises, you will learn how to build a compelling story using the basic building blocks of structure, character, and dialogue. From there, you will marshal it all into standard screenplay format, and - more importantly - understand how and why that format evolved to serve traditional production models. Finally, the technical constraints of screenwriting will be relaxed and reconfigured as we explore the possibilities of writing for the Internet. Whether your target is Hollywood or YouTube, this course will equip you with basic and practical skills for blueprinting your vision on paper, and grabbing your readers with the promise of a great film. Instructor: Shawn Postoff NOTE: Deadline to withdraw from this class is 5:00 pm on October 16th. A $15 withdrawal fee applies.