Video Cameras: HD - 8190

Description: Take it to the next level with an HD overview, with a specific focus on the Panasonic Ac130, Panasonic hmc40, Canon t3i, and the Canon c100, all of which are available to members of the Hart House Film Board. This course focusses on the advanced functions common to many professional level cameras, as well as the specific functions unique to each camera. With this information, we hope to help students pick the right camera for the job. We also go over several common post-production workflows with some common file-types. Instructor: Chris North.

Film Board members can claim 50% of the cost of this class as an equipment credit when renting Film Board equipment. Offer expires 6 months from end date of class.

The deadline to withdraw from this class is 5 pm on May 29th. A $7 withdrawal fee applies.