Video Camera Theory - 8187

Description: Get comfortable with a camera and learn the basic functions and concepts. Camera parts such as aperture, shutter, lens, and the CCD chip will be explained in order to make decisions about proper exposure, depth of field and motion. Other concepts specific to video such as white balance and gain will be introduced. Students will be shown basic camera set-up for shooting indoors and outdoors and tips on best practices for using the camera to film in a variety of situations including hand-held and verite. We'll be demonstrating the Panasonic DVX100 but lessons learned will be applicable to all cameras. Instructor: Annette Mangaard.

Film Board members can claim 50% of the cost of this class as an equipment credit when renting Film Board equipment. Offer expires 6 months from end date of class.

The deadline to withdraw from this class is 5 pm on May 22nd. A $7 withdrawal fee applies.