Practical Movie-Making for Educators - 5104

Description: Movie-making equipment has become ubiquitous and young people are increasingly making movies and uploading them to platforms such as YouTube. At the same time these budding filmmakers do not necessarily understand the essential grammar upon which all movies are based. This class is for educators wishing to teach movie-making exercises in their own classrooms, exercises designed to impart the fundamental grammar required by their students.

Participants will work in small groups to perform several hands-on shooting and editing exercises. Participants can leave the workshop with up to three completed shooting exercises in hand. Please bring a USB memory stick with at least 500MB of free space to class each day to facilitate taking your work home.

Equipment Note: Each exercise has a hands-on digital editing component. Students will share a small number of computers using Adobe Premiere editing software. The editing portion is less about the software and more about evaluating the shooting component. The same principles will apply regardless of the editing system used. The cameras used in this class are very simple: it's not about the camera it's about what is happening in front of the camera.NOTE: Deadline to withdraw from this class is 5:00 pm on August 22nd. A $15 withdrawal fee applies