Intermediate Documentary Techniques - 7059

Description: This intermediate series of workshops focuses on writing, pitching, and interviewing techniques required to take your documentary film or proposal to the next stage. Hone your pitch in a safe setting, practice your interviewing skills using cameras, turn your story into an outline and full treatment. Participants should have a solid idea to work with and be prepared to spend some time (3-5 hours every two weeks) outside of class to write. What elements can you use to effectively sell your story? How does a concept become real? Documentary filmmakers often use outlines and treatments in their project descriptions to give commissioning editors, foundations, granting agencies and other funders an idea of the film they intend to make. This 4-day class will take you through the steps to conceive, research, plan and write an effective outline and treatment. Instructor: Annette Mangaard Note: The deadline to withdraw from this class is 5 pm on February 13th. A $15 withdrawal fee applies.
Classes will be taking place on February 15, March 1, March 22, and April 5