Improv: Level 2 - 7048

Description: This level 2 improv class will explore scene work and strengthen existing improv skills. A review of some of the tools of improv (yes and, tasking, intention, POV, status, game of the scene) will then lead to focusing on scene-work. How to sustain a scene through game and character, editing techniques between scenes, techniques to narrate and host, and how to best recognize and transfer a game from scene to scene. At the end of the class, students will feel more comfortable doing scene work, have a sense of artistic comradery with their fellow improvisors, and be well suited to call themselves: 'improvisor'. Much like level one, the class aims to be a space where students can have fun and enjoy each other's creativity and work. Instructor: Julian Frid NOTE: Deadline to withdraw from this class is 5:00 pm on February 22nd. A $15 withdrawal fee applies.