Expressive Arts: Introduction - 7490

Description: Ignite your creative pulse with an experiential journey of self-discovery and artistic development through a wide variety of creative arts including music, movement, theatre, voice, visual arts and writing. Not only can the arts bring joy to our lives and deepen an understanding our own identities, but they can also help us to cope with a wide range of life's challenges from low self-esteem, stress management, to making positive changes in our lives.

This class will use mindfulness, along with an Expressive Arts framework, to allow the creative pulse that lives in all of us to begin to flow. The Expressive Arts is a low-skill high-sensitivity model of artistic development where we focus on process rather than product and make time to respond to each other's art work in a way that is supportive and sensitive.

No previous art experience is required; this course is open to both new and experienced artists looking to explore unfamiliar art forms. Price includes a $20 material fee. Instructor: Heather Goodwin.

The deadline to withdraw from this is 5 pm on October 18th. A $ 15 withdrawal fee applies.