Expression Through The Arts - 8203

Description: Have you ever wanted to explore your creativity in an open, safe and playful environment? This course will take the student on an experiential journey of self-discovery and artistic development through a wide variety of art forms including music, movement, theatre, voice, visual arts and writing. We will be using mindfulness, along with an Expressive Arts framework, in order to discover how the arts can be a resource to us in our day-to-day lives. The Expressive Arts is a low-skill high-sensitivity model of artistic development where we focus on process rather than product and make time to respond to each others art work in a way that is supportive and sensitive.

Not only can the arts bring joy to our lives and deepen an understanding our own identities, but they can also help us to cope with a wide range of life's challenges including managing stress and building self-esteem. By tapping into our curiosities and allowing ourselves to be guided by the present moment, students are invited to engage in an exploratory process that is uniquely enriched and enlivened by the exposure to a variety of art forms. This course is open to both newly developing artists and experienced artists who want to explore unfamiliar art forms. No previous art experience is required, only curiosity and an openness to play. Instructor: Heather Goodwin. The deadline to withdraw from this 4 day class is 5 pm on August 6th. A $15 withdrawal fee applies.