2016 Walter Gordon Symposium

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Details: This year’s Walter Gordon Symposium will explore the policy behind reconciliation between Canada and Indigenous peoples in the aftermath of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. More specifically, the symposium will examine Recommendation 45 of the Calls to Action: a royal proclamation that would mark a new beginning for Canada and First Nations. The goal of the symposium is to help foster an action-oriented environment that ushers in what Justice Murray Sinclair called “an era of mutual respect and equal opportunity.”

When: March 22 & 23, 2016
Where: Massey College, The School of Public Policy & Governance and Hart House, University of Toronto
Cost: Free / Online registration required >>
Closing Dinner on Wed., March 23: $30 Non-students / $15 Students Buy tickets >>

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Event Schedule:

Walter Gordon Symposium 2016 Opening Event and Introductory Session

9 am / Upper Library, Massey College
Chief R Stacey LaForme, Interim Director Linda White, Master Hugh Segal, Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day

Panel: The Doctrine of Discovery as an Impediment to Reconciliation

10 am / Upper Library, Massey College
Adrian Jacobs, Victoria Freeman, Lee Maracle (Moderator)

Lunch Roundtable: Educational Institutions’ Response to the TRC’s Report

12:10 pm / Room CG160, The School of Public Policy and Governance
Jean Becker, Martin Cannon, Renée McGurry, Monica McKay, Audrey Rochette (Moderator)

Nation to Nation: Reconciling Aboriginal and Crown Legal Orders

2 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Deborah McGregor, Douglas Sanderson, Mary Eberts, Paul Williams, Callandra Cochrane (Moderator)

Sharing Circle: Experiences From Residential Schools

4 pm / Junior Common Room, Massey College
Christine Gijig, Celine Valencia

Keynote Panel Discussion

7:45 pm / Music Room, Hart House
Bob Rae, Jon Kim Bell, Kim Stanton (Moderator)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Event Schedule:

Panel: Land and Treaty Relationships

10 am / Upper Library, Massey College
Heather Dorries, Hayden King, Dean Jacobs, Clara Fraser (Moderator)

Lunch Roundtable: The Churches and the TRC

12:10 pm / Room 318 , Jackman Humanities Building, Department for the Study of Religion
Frank Iacobucci, Mark MacDonald, Susan Neylan, Pamela Klassen (Moderator)

Panel: Implementation the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a Framework for Reconciliation

2 pm / Upper Library, Massey College
Brenda Gunn, Pamela Palmater, Harry Swain, Terry Mitchell (Moderator)

Walter Gordon Symposium 2016 Closing Dinner

6 pm / Great Hall, Hart House
Dr. Eileen Antone, Rosary Spence, Trina Moyan
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