Call for Teachers: Trade School Toronto at Hart House

Barter for Knowledge!


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Details: Everyone knows that if you ask your friends to help you move, you’re on the hook for pizza and drinks. But what if you wanted to teach people how to crochet? Fix a bike? Paint a landscape? Use Photoshop? Build a desk?


What would you charge your students?
Be a teacher at the first ever three day Trade School Toronto at Hart House series and let your students barter for your time!


How does it work?


Step 1:
Submit an application with the details of what you want to teach. Visit to submit an application. Proposals are due by February 15, 2013. Those who apply early will have their first choice of times and spaces.
Step 2:
If you are selected, decide what you want to charge for your class – anything except money! Do you want your students to bring a home cooked meal, an item of clothing, bring supplies for a project you’re working on, books…anything!
Step 3:
We find the students and you just show up, teach your class and get “paid”!

When: Mar. 7 to Mar. 9 from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (classes of 1.5 hours each will be slotted throughout the day)
Where: Hart House Library and Board Room
Who: Anyone can be a teacher, or take a class
Cost: Free for teachers, must provide own supplies



Please note that while the workshop blocks are 1.5 hours each, you can always sign up for a double, triple, etc. block if your workshop is longer.
We’re open to any workshops that don’t condone oppression and can be safely housed with Hart House’s heritage structure.

We’ll endeavor to include as many as we can while also striving to offer a unique mix of topics and perspectives on design. Please be as creative, descriptive, and attractive with your workshop details as you can to help learners understand what they might expect. Lecture, hands-on crafting, discussion, experimental format, Powerpoint, focus group – it’s up to you.

About Trade School Toronto:
Trade School Toronto (TSTO) is an alternative learning project that runs on a barter system. In exchange for workshops, students bring a barter item, such as food, supplies, or help. TSTO sparks learning and meaningful social exchange outside of traditional monetary and education systems.


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