Talking Walls

Talking Walls TileDetails: The Hancock Committee has partnered with one student’s initiative titled Humans of the University of Toronto to explore the different ways students at the University engage with issues pertaining to social justice and philanthropy.

Photographs taken by Jemel Ganal, the founder of Humans of U of T, will be exhibited with a brief caption for each image. The caption will encapsulate the photographed person’s opinion on social engagement and activism. An extra interactive frame will be displayed as well to allow viewers to attach their own answers or opinions regarding similar issues via post-its.

Humans of the University of Toronto was started by Jemel Ganal last year, in the hopes of building a tight knit and engaged community within the big tri-campus University space. Ganal approaches students, staff, and faculty from all walks of life and areas of academic focus to ask questions about their lives, their engagement within the university, their interests and such, and then posts them on various online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She attracts a few thousand viewers each day which triggers various conversations and debates on these platforms, and inspires real-life engagement within the University community.

When: Jan. 26–Feb. 14, 2015
Where: First floor corridor, Hart House
Cost: Free

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