Talking Walls: In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

The Hancock Lecture Advisory Committee presents In Their Own Words, which seeks to expose the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of the Black experience on campus in the words of its students.

For this exhibit, members of the committee spoke with students to collect reflections from students from all three campuses. For the content of this exhibit, students featured in this display were asked questions or shown quotes and asked to respond; it is their words that inform the content of this work. The diversity of their reactions are captured in this rich and thoughtful exhibit with the goal of generating dialogue, thoughtful reflection or a sense of kinship.

Further, the Advisory Committee challenges the campus community to better understand and appreciate the experiences of these students and all students who are working towards creating an inclusive environment.

Recognizing the importance of giving voice to Black students, as a marginalized and under-represented group, the Advisory Committee wishes to thank the subjects in this exhibit for their candid and willing participation.

When: January 2018
Where: Main Hall, Hart House
Cost: Free

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