Talking Walls Exhibition

International Aboriginal & Indigenous Peoples Inventors and Innovators Museum

Details: Talking Walls presents an educational exhibit that helps to cultivate a practice of inclusiveness, diversity and counter narratives as part of Indigenous Education Week. The Aboriginal Innovation and Inventors display is part of The Multicultural Inventors Museum an organization pioneered in Canada by Francis Jeffers an alumni of UTSC and a dedicated promoter of the sciences in both his volunteer and professional capacities.

Moccassins. Tipi. Popcorn. Maple syrup. These are just some of the innovations and inventions of Aboriginal peoples. This educational exhibit aims to promote a more positive and authentic narrative about Indigenous peoples.

“Unlike their ancestors, who suffered and died in residential schools, today’s aboriginal youth should have an education that is not about assimilation. You need to demonstrate to our children that they are a valuable part of society. If it was in the core curriculum, we wouldn’t be having these types of discussions.”
– Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Grand Chief Gord Peters, 2013

The Multicultural Museum is a not for profit organization dedicated to starting conversations amongst youth about Innovation and Inventions from around the world. Their various exhibits promote education and awareness in the areas of Science, Technology and Math while emboldening ideals about diversity and inclusion.


When: January 16–27, 2017
Where: Main Hall, Hart House
Cost: Free

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