Talking Walls

For People of Colour Who Suffer From Mental Illness And Have Been Silenced

In support of this year’s Hancock Lecture and along the theme of education and anti- Black racism, The Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Committee is pleased to present an exhibition focusing on Blackness and Mental Health. We support the work of Future Black Physicians at UTSC whose work we are showcasing here. The Committee encourages respectful and informative dialogue about the many causes and complexities of mental health in the Black Community. We support the ongoing work of FBP as they aspire to re-shape the mental health discourse.

When: Begins November 30, 2017
Where: Main floor hallway, Hart House
Cost: Free

Future Black Physicians (FBP) is a student organization started by a group of young black undergraduates at UTSC who are aspiring to medical school. The club serves as a community for future black physicians and those feeling under supported on their journey towards medicine.

As strong advocates for mental health, Future Black Physicians UTSC is continuing on with our #BlackMentalHealthMatters project. We have put together a photo series featuring our member colleagues who agreed to serve as models, to represent the way people with mental illnesses have been silenced in the Black community. The photos have been purposefully placed inside a milk carton design to mock a missing person’s ad and draw attention to the silenced voice of the black community. This piece will be featured as part of an original video montage to be released by our group in 2018.

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