Take Care

Lessons in Self-Care for the Black Soul

We all strive to be more mindful of self, but how do racialized students manage to balance care of self in all they do amidst the spectre of racism in their work, school and civic life.

Join Hancock Lecture moderator Kofi Hope at this energizing workshop where we will seek to provide the tools and supports necessary for an inclusive self-care package. We hope to open up a space for productive dialogue and create real opportunities to share experiences and lessons learned.

Join our special guests for intimate and informative round table sessions exploring these complexities as well as tips for self-care as it relates to the many areas of our everyday lives.

Workshop sessions include:

  1. Employment 101: Being and Bringing Your Whole Self To Work
  2. Activism, Advocacy and the Art of Interventions – finding peace in a world of protest
  3. Mindfulness of body, mind, spirit – know thyself
  4. The Many Facets of Black Masculinity

When: Mon., Feb. 5, 2018, 12-2 pm
Where: East Common Room, Hart House
Cost: $5 (cash only, refundable upon attendance) / Register at the Hart House Information Hub

Lunch will be provided

Session Details

Workshop 1 Employment 101: Being (bringing) your whole self at work

Facilitator: Sharon McBean currently works as a Recruitment & Sourcing Coordinator for UTemp, the University of Toronto’s short-term staffing service. Previously, Sharon advised and coached students while working at the Career Centre, in the Division of Student Life

Session Information: This interactive session encourages participants to learn and share best practices for the following topics – how to stay motivated during a job search; how to make sure we are seen and heard in the workplace. Participants will also be encouraged to explore and define workplace etiquette according to their own values.

Workshop 2: Activism, Advocacy and the Art of Interventions – finding peace in a world of protest

Facilitator: Kofi Hope is a U of T alumnus and Rhodes Scholar, Doctor of Philosophy in Politics, community activist and youth advocate.  Currently, he is the Executive Director of CEE: Centre for Young Black Professionals a non-profit that creates economic opportunities for Black youth in Toronto.

Session Information: What does it mean to care for the caregivers, to heal the healers?  In this workshop Kofi Hope will facilitate a discussion about the importance of self-care, with a focus on how those who care for others in volunteering, in work, or within their own families, can balance this work with their own mental and spiritual health.

Workshop 3: Mindfulness of Body, Mind, Spirit – know thyself

Facilitator: Ayana Webb engages people of all ages, with a special focus on youth and post-secondary populations. Ayana is a graduate of U of T, an award winning innovator and trained facilitator. She currently works in the office of Health and Wellness at U of T as a Health Educator

Session Information: This session willcentre on building community and creating productive and radical spaces to belong. Practice mindfulness by listening, contributing to the conversation and staying present in the moment.

Workshop 4: The Many Facets of Black Masculinity – Rites of passage and other boyhood tales

Facilitator: Kevin Lunianga is a graduate student at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Toronto. He also works as a lead Don at Chestnut Residence. In December 2017, Kevin conceived and hosted an event tackling anti-black racism at Chestnut entitled: “Why Can’t I Say it Too? Deconstructing the N-word with Don Kevin”.  It was a huge success!

Session information:  We are often so overwhelmed with simply trying to exist that we forget to take care of ourselves. This session explores black masculinities and some ways in which we can start to address the need for self-care. There are particular issues faced by our community around educational barriers, the criminal justice system, and access to jobs (to name a few) that challenge our sense of who we are. Participants will explore ways they can feel empowered to engage with self-care practices.


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