Sunday Concerts: Canadian Guitar Quartet

Details: Since their debut in 1999, the Canadian Guitar Quartet has toured extensively in North and South America, from one standing ovation to the next, establishing themselves as one of the finest guitar ensembles in the world. They have received numerous accolades for their performances and their CD’s and they have been featured in print, radio and magazines. A blend of guitars gives rise to music that is truly international and has the audience base to prove it.


The Canadian Guitar Quartet tackles all with great brilliance and an optimal mastery of their instruments…thereby securing a secure musical reality of international dimension” (Guitar Magazine, Italy)


When: Sun., Mar. 9, 3 pm
Where: Great Hall, Hart House
Cost: Free


Sunday ConcertsSunday Concerts is Hart House’s venerable concert series, making music and history in the majesty of the Great Hall since 1922. Through Canadian music icons such as Glenn Gould and Anton Kuerti to new musical voices and world music traditions, the Sunday Concert series offers patrons a chance to experience a delightful and adventurous musical journey in an environment where in the spirit of the Hart House vision ‘all rhythms, voices and traditions converge.’

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