Image of Morning Theives BandDetails: The Mississauga Circuit is a cross section of young, fresh-faced bands who are giving Indie rock a new lease on life. Playing music that is older than their years, Soundsmiths, Morning Thieves and On Everest pay homage to classic rock bands in their own unique style. Based in Mississauga, The Soundsmiths were formed in 2010 as members of the band met and circulated through the local music and open mic scene. They are currently in production of their debut EP and prepping for their first music video. There’s a self-assured swagger in the way that the Morning Thieves deliver their soulful and melodic songs. Powerful vocals and skillful harmonies combined with distorted guitars keeps their music on the cutting edge. On Everest is the new kid on the block, rocking to old school flavours and paying tribute to the giants of the rock world in their music, style and presentation.


When: Thurs., Oct. 24, 2013 at 9:30 pm
Where: Arbor Room, Hart House
Cost: Free


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Image Poster of StagesThe Music Committee presents an eclectic mix of music in the Stages series to suit every palette and infuse the words of Bob Marley into a great musical experience. Toronto is home to a vibrant and robust music scene and the Stages series is a proud supporter of Toronto’s talent both on and off campus. Showcasing folk, roots, rock, singer-songwriter, urban, pop, reggae and alternative music Stages has worked with breakthrough artists such as Shad, Martina Sorbara of Dragonette, K-Os and David Myles to many up and coming performers as well as hidden gems. With reggae, classic rock and folk concerts as part of the mix, Stages celebrates the era of counter culture by paying tribute to music that is known for its social commentary.

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