Prince Hamlet: In Conversation with Ravi Jain and Dawn Jani Birley

Ravi Jain and Dawn Jani Birley

Most of us are familiar with Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but did you know that Why Not Theatre and CanStage have joined forces to create a fully integrated retelling for both hearing and Deaf audiences? Described as a “cross-cultural, gender-flipped” version delivered in spoken-word and American Sign Language, Prince Hamlet will be performed at CanStage from February 6–24.

Join us at Hart House for a conversation led by Director Ravi Jain and deaf actor Dawn Jani Birley about creating Prince Hamlet, a unique re-imagining of the classic play. They will discuss their experiences developing the show, the translation and relevance of classics, and how to make hearing/deaf collaborations more effective.

Date: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 8–10 pm
Where: Debates Room, Hart House
Cost: Free / Register online

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This event was made possible with the support of Hart House, the University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, the University of Toronto Accessibility Services, Why Not Theatre, and Canadian Stage.

 To purchase tickets to the play, visit Canstage Theatre.
Students, use the promo code UFTPH25 and get your tickets for $25!



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