Henri Faberge’s ENTRA’ACTE: Diversions Between Excursions

ENTR'ACTEDetails: The Hart House Music Committee is pleased to support creativity and the arts in our Thursday night presentations. Henri Faberge’s show Entra’Acte live between the world of music and theatre, improv and storytelling. In this monthly performance art show, artist Henri Fabergé conjures up a showcase of music, comedy and short films. “Henri Fabergé’s Entra’Acte” is a follow-up to last year’s hugely popular “Heligoland” series, and follows the whimsical adventures of a jaded aristocrat towards self-awareness. It features a live set by Henri Faberge and the Adorables, plus guests.



Henry Faberge and the Adorables: Considered by many a marriage of convenience, Henri Faberge and his Adorables have been choking out jaded pop anthems for disillusioned lovers for over a year. Exiled from his motherland for bad behaviour, Henri’s arrival in Toronto was no exception, stealing up to eleven members of groups he fancied (The Bicycles, Born Ruffians, Spitfires & Mayflowers, The Old Soul) to form his own. In keeping with his modus operandi of deciding what he wants and taking it, he demanded a monthly residency at The Embassy, located in the heart of Kensington Market and now Hart House is pleased to host his zany sense of humour and wry take on life. The group’s album spans timeless sounds and themes spinning tales of creaking naivete, whispering excess, tiresome sexploits and melancholy despondence.


When: Thurs. Dec. 6 at 9:30 pm
Where: Arbor Room, Hart House
Cost: Free (No advance tickets)

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