Hart House Conversations: Storytelling for Social Change

Join us for a live recording of an episode of Hart House Conversations focusing on the importance of stories as tools for social change. History is often said to be written by the “victors” which leaves important stories silenced or ignored. This Hart House Conversation will explore what kinds of social change can happen when those stories are given a platform and those voices are amplified to broader audiences.

Stories help us make sense of the world, of each other and of ourselves, and they can be powerful tools for social change. Stories are the truths that were bravely brought forward during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, they are the #metoo experiences courageously shared by women around the globe, they are the lived experiences of black people that are taking up spaces long overdue in public discourse to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter.

This winter, a team of podcasters at Hart House called the Storyweavers have worked diligently to gather stories from marginalized young people today. Tune in to listen to a selection of these courageous and transformative stories and also to a live discussion about the importance of storytelling both locally and globally as a tool for social change and subversive self-expression.

When: Wed., March 28, 2018, 2:30-4 pm
Where: Map Room, Hart House
Cost: Free

Schedule: Live recording in studio from 3-4 pm with a reception to follow.

Partners: First Nations House, Center for International Experience, CIUT, with Financial support from the Government of Canada.

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