Hart House Committee Elections

St. George, UTSC and UTM Undergrad Voting Dates

Have your say in the future of Hart House by voting in the Hart House Committee elections. Each committee at Hart House provides opportunities for students to create experiences and build communities with a focus on Music, Art & Creativity, Social Justice & Civic Engagement or Wellness & Recreation. Committees organize events, from social gatherings and guest lectures to musical events and hands-on activities and also shape the future direction of Hart House.


When: Mar 14–15, 2019
Where: Online


Hart House Committee Chair Candidates
Arielle Zhivko / Art Committee 

Personal Statement: 
The portion of the Hart House mandate that resonates with me on a very personal level is cultivating high endeavours; particularly creative engagement within the arts and culture. With that being said, the art committee provides the perfect platform to engage the community and student body in these endeavours – chiefly the position of chair and the leadership roles it entails would allow for me to enhance this overall experience. In terms of knowledge within the art sphere, I am currently a third-year student in the art history and political science departments. I have had first-hand experience working with the art committee itself as well as the trinity college art society and UofT fine arts society. With regards to skills and dispositions, I believe that I bring a very community oriented frame of mind and skill set to the table. I currently volunteer at the ROM which has not only honed my skills in relation to the arts and curatorial world but also has allowed me to adapt and perfect my interpersonal skills through interactions and collaborative efforts with a plethora of different individuals, all from unique backgrounds – similar to the setting that Hart House provides.

Adrien Blanchard / Debates & Dialogue Committee

Personal Statement:
Throughout my involvement with the Hart House Debates & Dialogue Committee, it has become clear to me that the committee plays a crucial role in elevating public discourse and enhancing the diversity of opinions on campus. Over the past two years, I have helped plan events on a variety of topics, aiming to offer community members the chance to explore new ideas and perspectives. I assisted in organizing discussions on mental health in Canada, and on journalism in the fake news era. I also oversaw the planning of a panel on the Doug Ford government and coordinated a film screening discussing the Rohingya genocide, helping to find new ways of fostering dialogue around difficult issues. I believe that these past experiences have given me the necessary knowledge and skills to lead the Committee, and ensure that we continue to present community members with opportunities to engage in inspiring and challenging conversations.

Emily Wuschnakowski / Debates & Dialogue Committee

Personal Statement:
As the chair of the Hart House Debates and Dialogue Committee, I will strive to create a safe environment in which all members of the UofT community can challenge ideas about the world around them, express their opinions, and share their perspectives on any issue they find important. With the experience that I have consulting with a wide range of groups and individuals, I understand the importance of inclusion and working as a team to deliver enriching programs for UofT students and community members alike. Having two years of experience on the committee, I understand the dedication that it takes to organize and carry out events, as well as what to avoid to ensure that they run smoothly. My passion for learning and sharing knowledge will be at the forefront of every decision I make and will inform the kinds of programming that this committee will carry out next year.

Hui Wen Zheng / Debates & Dialogue Committee

Personal Statement:
As Hart House celebrates 100 years, I am reflecting on the respected history of the Debates & Dialogue Committee while focusing on how we can be even more inclusive of diverse voices and topics. I have served on this committee as the Internal Communications Lead and am spearheading the planning for our Keynote event, for which I am excited to have invited an international speaker. With the Debating Club, I successfully executed both the largest high school and university level debating tournaments in Canada. I know that it takes fine attention to detail to make an event successful, and will work to build an archive of best practices to ensure our consistency in quality.

As Chair, I hope to host events covering a broad range of topics, from the sciences to the arts, featuring speakers with differing perspectives and life experiences so our events are representative of our intersectional world.

Felicia Barber & Mika Embury (Co-Chairs) / Farm Committee (co-chair)

Joint Statement:
For our respective third and fourth years coming up on the Committee, this year we’re aiming to continue our core principal of promoting environmental sustainability through our events, workshops and sales on and off campus. Our new objectives for the Committee are as follows: In the past, we have failed to acknowledge the Indigenous history of the territory of the land of the Anishinabek – where the farm is located. With the permission of the Indigenous communities and groups interested, we will pursue their engagement and leadership through events or workshops on the sacred lands. We aim to create more opportunities for students to plant and tend to things on the farmland. As we’ve been doing the same reoccurring events, we’re looking to make changes towards the themes of our events. We’re looking forward to another successful year on campus and at the Farm! Thank you for your support.

Nicolas Sartor Campos / Finance Committee

Personal Statement:
As a third-year Rotman commerce student, I am confident that I would be a good student chair for the committee. At the Rotman school, I have developed the necessary analytical and problem-solving skills that I think will greatly benefit the committee. Additionally, from my extracurricular experiences and time at the finance committee, I believe I have developed the required communication and leadership skills that are essential for a student chair. More importantly, I am fully committed to devoting my time and energy to the committee, as student chair is a position that I have desired to have for a long time. I have watched carefully how the finance committee operates from the sidelines for almost a year now. The prospect of being in a leadership position at the committee is very exciting, and I am fully dedicated to working hard for it.

Christina McCallum / Literary & Library Committee

Personal Statement:
Throughout my time at the University of Toronto, I have found Hart House to be a comforting space to which I could go amid the chaos of life as a student. Now, entering into my final undergraduate year, I wish to be involved in the leadership of the Literary and Library Committee not only to give back to Hart House, but also to contribute to the inclusive, diverse, and welcoming environment from which I have benefitted over the past few years. I hope that my past experience with this Committee, as well as my strong organizational skills, will allow the events and publications within the Committee to run smoothly; I also hope to create a welcoming environment for any new members expressing interest in getting involved. Just as I believe I can contribute positively to the Committee, so too do I believe I will learn and grow from the experience.

Emma Grace St.John / Music Committee

Personal Statement
I am interested in running for chair of the Music Committee, as I would like to gain leadership experience in a music setting, growing important skills necessary when dealing with issues later on in my professional and personal life. I am particularly interested in developing better time management skills. I am knowledgeable about the music scene in Toronto, am very interested in learning about the business aspect of music, have experience organizing various events for various types of groups, am very good at making people aware about events through social media, as well as engaging and enticing through other advertisement placement. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about raw music and the connection it gives people to not only others but themselves. I love to encourage others to participate in what scares them, such as being vulnerable through song, as I myself have struggled with the total unveiling of emotions to others.

Kiran Sukdeo / Recreational Athletics   Wellness Committee

Joint Statement: 
Hart House is at its core a place of discovery, whether that be members discovering something new about themselves or Hart House representatives discovering new ways to engage and expand the minds of students. For the past two years, I’ve been involved in the Recreational Athletics and Wellness Committee, first as First Year Representative and then as Student Chair. Over that time, I’ve learned a lot about myself and discovered my own personal strengths and capabilities. Seeing the positive effect of student leadership on myself has increased my passion for this Committee. Likewise, seeing the positive effect of diverse and inclusive programming on the student body has increased my dedication to Hart House. As past Chair, my creativity, communication skills and commitment have helped RAWC grow and, if given the chance, I will continue helping us to grow and embody the true nature of Hart House.

Martina Facchin / Social Justice Committee

Personal Statement:
Part of the reason I came to this university as an international student was to engage with new perspectives and learn from a diverse student body. I decided to join the Social Justice committee because I felt that I had a lot to learn. I was right. In just a year working with driven and astute committee members, I was given the opportunity to engage in critical discussion, learn about current social justice issues in a supportive environment. Not only learn but actively work towards providing the opportunity for others to do the same. I find Hart House’s mandate to transform academic pressure into intellectual curiosity incredibly important. Ironically, the more I progress with my degree, the more disillusioned I become with grades and GPA. I hope my curiosity, initiative and desire to make social justice dialogue more accessible and inclusive will make me a good chair in your eyes.

Hareem Haider / Theatre Committee

Personal Statement:
I have been an active member at Hart House Theatre ever since I started at U of T so first and foremost, I have a passion for continuing to be as involved as I can. By pursuing extracurricular activities beyond my major, I bring a unique perspective to the Theatre as well as the House. However, having worked in various hats in the Theatre, I have a varied perspective on the student experience and interact with those who use Hart House Theatre on a daily basis. Furthermore, I am involved in various Committees in Hart House proper so am the ideal conduit between my Committee and upstairs. Having learned so much this year, I look forward to continuing to learn and develop.

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