Future Of My Own Talking Walls Audio Exhibit

Created through a collaboration between Career Exploration & Education and the Hart House Stories team, the Future Of My Own project combines visual and audio storytelling to inspire students to contemplate how they can create meaningful futures in a changing world.

The project shares the stories of six University of Toronto alumni who were the first in their family to attend university. Their inspiring accounts of failure, success, challenge, and triumph are communicated through six podcast episodes. Through these stories, students are encouraged to avert the all-too-pervasive Fear Of Missing Out that exists in many arenas of life, and begin the process of building their own meaningful futures.

As they tell their stories, alumni offer advice about: practicing personal health, using resources that can support student’s goals, learning to embrace life’s unexpected turns, and building community.  

This project was conceived by Amelia Merrick and Jenifer Newcombe, and designed by Josanne Buchanan and Jaime McLaughlin. Photographs were taken by Henry Zhao.

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When: Until mid-April
Where: Main hallway, Hart House
Cost: Free

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