Call for Submissions: Film Screening Party

Film Screening PartyDetails: The Hart House Film Board and the University of Toronto Film Festival are accepting short videos of any length, genre and topic for the Fall Screening Party. Film/video installation art also welcome. We will look at everything but priority will be given to submissions from University of Toronto students, staff, alumni & members of Hart House.

Deadline for submission: Wed., Sept. 21, 2016. Early submissions are encouraged.

How to submit:
1. Email with the subject line Film Screening and include the following information:

  • Video Title
  • Director’s Name
  • Running Time
  • Short Synopsis

2. Send a copy of your movie to Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, M5S 3H3, “Attention Film Screening”. It can also be dropped in person at the Hart House Information Hub. Data files (.mov or .avi preferred) on a disc or drive but DVD copies are also accepted, as are links to on-line versions of the movie under the condition it is downloadable and a high-quality copy is available. Films will be projected onto a big screen and low quality MPEG files are not suitable.

About Installation Submissions
We are looking for film and video loops to project under the tent in the Hart House Quad during the reception. Multiple video projectors are available. Film loops can be any format (e.g. Super 8, 16mm) but you have to provide and operate your own projector. The Film Board may be able to assist. Artists are responsible for assembling and dissembling their own installations. Preview submissions on video only. Contact us directly if you don’t have a video copy of your film loop.

For more information
Rick Palidwor, Staff Advisor and Festival Director: 416.978.5363

About the Hart House Film Board
The Hart House Film Board has been the University of Toronto’s main film and video production hub since 1975 and continues to offer equipment support to students and other members of Hart House. The Film Board also offers low-cost workshops, screenings and special group projects.

About the University of Toronto Film Festival
The University of Toronto Film Festival was started in 2002 by Hart House Theatre and the Hart House Film Board with a mandate to celebrate and promote U of T’s rich contribution to the arts through its student and alumni filmmakers. The Festival quickly gained popularity with other U of T agencies, student groups and community sponsors. Industry alumni who have screened their work at the Festival include David Sector, David Cronenberg, Don McKellar, Sudz Sutherland, Atom Egoyan, Ron Mann, Aaron Woodley, Richie Mehta, Azra Rashid, Alex Shuper and Babak Payami.

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