Deadline: First-year Student Committee Applications

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Hart House is your on-campus connection to your passions, both discovered and yet to be found. We give you the time, space and community to explore your potential, on your terms. There are no exams, only possibilities.


As you already know, University of Toronto students are automatically Hart House members with access to a variety of fitness, educational, and social opportunities. What you might not know is that we are home to 11 committees that can help you find out who are you outside the classroom.


Plan a concert series in the Arbor Room, host a dialogue on sustainable economics with leading figures, help the Theatre select its next season, develop events which promote wellness…you can even plant potatoes at Hart House Farm.


We are looking for first year U of T students to join one of our 11 student-led committees. Try something new and explore your potential at Hart House.


Arts / Debates / Literary & Library / Music / Farm / Social Justice / Recreational Athletics / Finance
House / Alumni / Theatre


Deadline: Sept. 19, 2014 at midnight
Application: Online

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