(Cancelled) Creative Classes Rendezvous

creative classesDetails: Sponsored by the Hart House Creative Classes, the Rendezvous is a free workshop and jam space that jump starts your Saturday nights. Each week, head down to the Arbor Room and get a taste of a new creative skill led by a master of the field. Whether you want to fully participate and get up on stage or simply sit down and observe, creative students of all disciplines congregate in a relaxed, friendly and open space. Meet new people, hang out with old friends and get your mind spinning in a new direction before you hit up one of the Earth’s most precious resources: Saturday nights.


When: Cancelled
Topic: Improv with Julian Frid
Charlie Chaplin. Stephen Colbert. Tina Fey. What do all of these comedians have in common? They are masters of status. Play around with the social dynamic to unlock your star power.


When: Cancelled
Topic: Clowning Around with Mullet
Playing is neither childish nor frivolous, but a valuable skill to help relieve stress and unlock creative impulses. New ideas are born out of imagination and imagination is exercised through clowning around. Clowning isn’t just what you see at the circus. Come play!


When: Cancelled
Topic: Film Appreciation with Rick Palidwor
Do you love films and have interest in making them? We will watch, discuss and dissect iconic clips from some of your favourite films to see how scenes and moments are constructed for maximum effect.


When: Cancelled
Topic: Social gathering
Join a cross-section of students and teachers to nibble, imbibe and share a laugh and who knows, the improvisors will probably entertain us.


Where: Arbor Room, Hart House
Cost: Free


For more information:
Rick Palidwor, 416.978.5363, rick.palidwor@utoronto.ca

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