SOLD OUT: Conversation Cafe with Jesse Brown

Co-hosted with CIUT 89.5FM

Details: Touching upon the role of Canadian media in today’s globalized media landscape, the place of social media in our news consumption, and the impact of media criticism in Canada and on Canadian identity, Jesse Brown will talk to students about his experiences in the media industry, and answer questions pertaining to his opinion on where Canadian media is going, whether its being outsourced, and whether there is a future for students interested in journalism. He will also be invited to talk about his highly successful and independent podcast Canadaland which surpassed its initial asking donation in the crowd-sourcing campaign he hosted last semester. Students will have a chance to listen live to an interview with CIUT radio host Daryn Caister, and ask questions and form a lively debate over coffee and snacks.

When: Thurs., Feb. 12, 2015, 3 pm
Where: Map Room, Hart House
Cost: Free / Refreshments provided / SOLD OUT

Jesse BrownAbout Jesse Brown

Jesse is the host of Canadaland, a podcast critiquing Canadian media and investigating Canadian culture, the former host of The Contrarians a CBC-radio talk show, and a prolific journalist who has been published in Maclean’s, Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail, VICE, and the National Post. He recently and successfully led a campaign to increase the funding for his podcast, which far exceeded the initial levy request, and is now produced twice a week instead of its initial weekly show.

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