Community Kitchen – November

Food, Race, and Power

Let’s Talk About Race in Food

It’s crucial to bring issues around food and race into dialogue with discussions of structural racism, power imbalance and their impacts. Racialized voices in the food world and beyond are ignored, unheard and stifled. Join us as we intentionally center the voices of racialized people. In partnership with the Centre for Community Partnership, we will bring leaders from community organizations to join us in the conversation and invite you to prep and cook dishes.

When: Tues., Nov. 14, 2017, 6-9 pm
Where: Hart House Catering Kitchen
Cost: $5 Students & $15 Non-students
Register online / Select Food and Living Category

Note: Please wear full shoes (no open toes) and bring something to tie hair back with if it is long. Bring empty containers so you can take any extra food home!


Catered Appetizer

  • Lentil Pakora and Veggie Samosa with Tamarin chatni (Catered)

Real-time pre-and-cooking led by “Banglar Saad” (Taste of Bangladesh) a catering group made up of Bengali women

  • Special Bengali Rice
  • Chicken Curry
  • Mix vegetable curry (vegan)
  • Traditional salad
  • Rice Pudding



Ashrafi Ahmed is  working as a Garden Coordinator at Regent Park Community Food Centre. She provides support to low income families and empowers them to use their talents in cooking, growing, sewing and community leadership. Ashrafi also believes in establishing a strong cultural environment, which is why she started “Banglar Saad” (Taste of Bangladesh) a catering group made up of Bengali women in the community. She earned the Bhayana Family Foundation Award for team achievement, and is featured in the Neal brothers’ book, Goodness, Recipes & Stories.

John Smith was born in North York to a Filipinx mother and Irish-Canadian Father. He was raised in Hamilton by the East End community. John’s story with Filipino food culture moves from the fishy beaches of his maternal ancestral home in Ilo Ilo, Philippines to Jersey City, NJ and Queens, NY. There his family started a Filipino family restaurant (Fiesta Grill) that blossomed into four locations, one of which belongs to a cousin of John’s generation (House of Inasal). North of the border, John has had the pleasure of serving the intersection of food and community at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen and Lasa. John now resides in Toronto where he is currently a carpentry apprentice, a writer, and programs director for TAYO Collective. He is co-host of the podcast TAYO TO and is the co-director of 187 Augusta in Kensington Market.

Stay tuned to get a music playlist for Community Kitchen compiled by Hart House Music Committee.

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